Professional overview with process approach: NISIO Group Hungary offers widespread technical services from planning to key handover.

The project approach is one of the cornerstones of our company’s philosophy. Tracking and following up the processes from the beginning to the end: this is what distinguishes a good job from an excellent one.

We emphasize proper transparency and regular, customer-centric communication, which is essential for effective operation. Close, reliable cooperation with you is the shortest way to success.

Our company flexibly and professionally builds the necessary organization and assigns it to each phase of the project, efficiently implementing it even as part of a mega project. The goal is cost-effective implementation through continuous monitoring of project processes. We offer our services from the project preparation, through designing and construction, until the handover.

As a predominant part of our services, we can implement typical analog documentation processes in a digitized, transparent, environmentally friendly way. That’s how we are able to deliver the work on time, on cost, and on quality.


1. Preparation

Technology pre-construction

NISIO Group’s project preparation process services cover all stages of the necessary engineering work to ensure the successful implementation of the technology project. It means from the beginning of the project feasibility study to engineering supporting and execution of the project. We have professional, experienced, and knowledgeable teams to manage a project from start to finish. All of our colleagues are capable of solving all risks that may arise legally or socially, nationally or internationally.

Our project preparation services contain:

  • feasibility study
  • market research
  • technical description
  • tendering process
  • schedule planning
  • authorization management
  • pricing management
  • shipping and transportation planning
  • documentation system establishment
  • quality system establishment
  • site planning
2. Design

Technology engineering design

We consider our work to be the harmonized, complementary practical implementation of engineering tasks from preparation to design. Thanks to the complex data handling, design work is shortened. Our services include mechanical, electrical, process, logistics, safety, and civil engineering design. Technology and logistic engineers work closely during project work to ensure effective and flexible teamwork.

3. Technology construction

Technology construction management

We pay special attention to reliable, on-time ordering and delivery of equipment and materials required for projects. With this particular attention, we can define, create, and operate the appropriate organization during construction. We ensure proper communication between the various participants during on-site work.

Technology assembly (installation and alignment)

Machinery assembly is a core business of our company. Within this, our major focus is technological machinery installations and alignments (e.g., axial alignment or leveling):

    • tanks, tank farms,
    • production equipment (e.g. pumps and compressors), 
    • instrument installation.

Our minor focuses are the construction of pipeline networks and the assembly of steel structures. We also execute electrical and pneumatic installations, and we can perform mechanical and electrical installations at the same time.

Project tracking

Our back-office support performs cost and schedule control, quantity, and quality management to track the work continuously. This off-site support makes us well-informed to control and be able to intervene in the project’s progress and keep the on-site work on track. We provide daily and weekly reports (with actual construction activities, headcount status, site management issues, progress reports, and change requests) to our vendors to keep them up-to-date about the issues at the site and ensure them that the project is on track.

Technical supervision

We perform technical supervision tasks during construction projects based on our practical experience and professional knowledge. As an independent third party, we can contribute to the project much more effectively and responsibly with the interests of the other two parties in mind.

Warehouse management

Material and warehouse management helps the site work to be on track as vital and physical support of site coordination. We offer various warehouse management services:

  • Continuous (up-to-date) warehouse monitoring with our unique, self-developed software
  • Regular (pre-construction) and extraordinary (mid-construction) material-ordering, purchase
  • Shipping follow-up with reporting
  • Material handling with forklifts
  • Preparing the material for the construction
4. Handover

Pay-off documentation

Based on the project tracking, we prepare cyclic pay-off documents throughout the project. These reports and tables are the basis of the subcontractors’ and the vendor’s pay-off. 

Technical inspection

We perform technical inspection tasks during construction projects based on our practical experience and professional knowledge. The output of these inspection services is the as-built documentation (e.g., isometry-drawings and machinery documentation) in view of quantity and quality, as well. As an independent third party, we can contribute to the project much more effectively and responsibly with the interests of the other two parties in mind.

Technical commissioning

We ensure, through documented verification, that all building systems perform interactively according to the ‘Detailed design’. Through our documentation and inspection system, we ensure that all the technology systems and components of the industrial plant are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the owner’s or final client’s operational requirements.